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I am spitballing here (to use a very annoying neologism).  It’s one of the ways I cope with the incomprehensible. Given that Roe v.Wade is under attack, we need to figure out what we will do for the women affected. … Continue reading

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Is #MeToo for only people we don’t like politically?

I have been watching Joe Biden for a long time now. As Vice President of course, but before that as well. And the way he has interacted with women over the years frequently made me uncomfortable. Not my business, I … Continue reading

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I am not going to talk about the Mueller report just yet. For one thing, all we have is AG Barr’s synopsis, and given his position in the administration, I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. … Continue reading

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Campaigns are already going on.

So people are already announcing that they are running for president. Whoopee. I am going to look at their specific policy suggestions in depth later, but any candidate I support should have the following (not in any particular order):   … Continue reading

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We’ve been Berned before.

So Sanders is running again. How… special. Look, I don’t care if he runs. I don’t particularly even care if he decides to call himself a Democrat. What I do care about is that unless the Democratic National Committee shows … Continue reading

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Today’s scary book.

I have just finished re-reading John M. Barry’s The Great Influenza. This may just be the scariest book I’ve ever read, including Richard Preston’s The Hot Zone and Randy Shilts’s The Band Played On. (I did not find the Shilts book … Continue reading

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For the trolls…

Y’all are going to have to carry the banner on this because I am going off the Internet for a while. A few points to toss at the trolls… Dr. Ford has passed a polygraph test. She has asked for … Continue reading

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