We’ve been Berned before.

So Sanders is running again. How… special.

Look, I don’t care if he runs. I don’t particularly even care if he decides to call himself a Democrat.

What I do care about is that unless the Democratic National Committee shows more spine than a jellyfish they will shovel money and resources — and legitimacy is a resource –to a politician who refuses to be a Democrat except when he is trying to soak the party so he can run his campaign. A politician who is willing to trash his opponent and then only grudgingly support her in the general election.

A politician who overlooks the virulent misogyny of a certain portion of his following. Who shows himself to be a sexist, given the way he treated his opponent. Who was willing to support candidates who opposed reproductive rights. Who claimed that abortion and access to birth control and access to day care were “social issues” and not as important as “economic issues.” In other words, if it appears to affect mainly men, it is worth caring about; if it appears to affect mainly women, it will need to be relegated to whenever we get to it.

A candidate who hired — and did not fire — a campaign manager who arrogantly dismissed as unimportant the votes of millions of Southern voters, most of them African-American. A candidate who decried “identity politics,” discounting that to ignore them sets the default as white men, and brushing off the ways in which race and gender (and sexual orientation and gender identity) intersect with class to cause people to struggle.

A candidate who changed from Independent to Democrat only long enough grab a ton of money and other assets from the party (access to databases of Democratic donors is only the first that springs to mind) before changing back after the election. A hypocrite of the first water; self-involved and arrogant.

As I said, I don’t care if Bernie calls himself a Democrat, but I would bet very good money that if the party refused to give him resources he would quickly go back to be being Independent. He would then spend a lot of time trashing the party and some of their traditional allies, such as Planned Parenthood. Wait! That’s what he did last time, when he claimed he had turned into a Democrat. (It’s been years, and it still gobsmacks me that he sees PP as “part of the establishment.” He seems to view “part of the establishment” to equal “doesn’t support Bernie Sanders for President.”

Although the Russians expended efforts in support of his candidacy, I doubt Bernie was actually a Russian dupe. (Unlike Jill Stein, who had her picture taken with Vladimir Putin.) That doesn’t matter.  He did enough damage on his own.

The DNC cannot give this man money. That money needs to work to get one of the actual Democrats elected.


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