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Summertime Blues.

By all objective standards, it’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Not by mine. The sky is hazy, perhaps with smoke blowing up from the Soberanes fire near Big Sur. But the temperature is moderate — 72 degrees with clear skies. It’s … Continue reading

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Life is what happens when you’re not expecting it.

Starbug has bit the dust. Starbug was a 1996 Mazda Protege that my family bought for $600 in 2010. It was the kids’ car — and when they weren’t using it, I did. It easily paid for itself in gas … Continue reading

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A friend of mine on Facebook said “Christmas should be a time to look at the world with wonder and excitement.” He’s right, of course, but this year that seems difficult. I partly feel alarmed at the state of the … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Tree.

Mimosas are not only drinks. Mimosas are trees with delicate fern-like leaves and fluffy pink flowers. My elementary school had a huge mimosa in front, with a low trunk that encouraged climbing, at least after hours when there was no … Continue reading

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Madrid, I don’t know how to quit you. Or vice versa, as the case may be.

Today. Is. So. Fired. Today really started yesterday, when I got very sick late in the evening. (I was feeling more or less — maybe less — okay, then had paella and a half pitcher of sangria. In my defense…. paella!) … Continue reading

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What’s been up with me.

I was sick most of the past sick weeks. I had a viral infection the first week in May during which I ran a fever of 102 or higher for days, followed by viral bronchitis. Over Memorial Day weekend, I … Continue reading

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One of those days. What’s worse, I had already gone to the Starbucks which is our pre-shift meeting place, to get some writing done.  I will be stuck here for hours, unable to work. I will also have to explain … Continue reading

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