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An open letter to Lawrence O’Donnell.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell: I have waited a few days before writing this letter, hoping that I would become more eloquent or the words you spoke on Tuesday less upsetting. Neither has happened. Although I do not watch your show all … Continue reading

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The crazy lady hands out mental health advice.*

I don’t speak in public. I occasionally engage in other expressive conduct (I’ve walked out of church sermons in protest), but I haven’t spoken. Until yesterday. I attended one of the many rallies against Charlottesville at city hall. As I … Continue reading

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In my Facebook feed today, a friend innocently used the word “bipolar” to refer to God — specifically the erratic, capricious, and vengeful God worshipped by fundamentalist Christians. She meant no harm, and when I spoke up, she immediately recognized … Continue reading

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A letter I really should send.

Dear Professor: You may wonder why I stalked out of class today. It wasn’t for a doctor’s appointment – I had one, but not until later. Nor was it because my medicine was making me nauseated, like I told you … Continue reading

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Sigh. Again.

I am beginning to sympathize with honest policemen. What with all the cops who have been implicated in killings over the past few years, it must be hard to be a good cop. I have never doubted that they are … Continue reading

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Why this matters….

The distinction I made in the last post (evil as opposed to mental illness) matters a great deal.  In a discussion in my Facebook, a friend said “People in their right minds don’t kill other people. Period. Whatever you want … Continue reading

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Let’s get one thing straight….

On Facebook, I have seen people insisting that Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who shot nine people in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church had to have been mentally ill because “no one just walks into a church and shoots … Continue reading

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