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This has gotten old.

I watched ten minutes of the Republican debates last week.  That’s up from two minutes for the first one. I have heard other bits and pieces through the week. If I think about them too long, I start to feel … Continue reading

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On Immunty.

Most of you know where I stand on the vaccination debate. I refuse to discuss vaccinations with people who put their fingers in their ears and who ignore rationality and science. I have no patience with them. Then I read … Continue reading

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Vaccine idiocy: it’s a first world problem, unfortunately.

I can tell the measles epidemic has hit the big time: politicians are weighing in on the issue of vaccination. Rand Paul says that parents should be able to choose, and that he knows many cases of children who have … Continue reading

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I have been doing a lot of reading of blogs and other online media lately. (Yes, I know, instead of writing my own online content.)  There is a lot of good material out there, usually in my case linked to … Continue reading

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Medical outrage.

Another entry into the “what has our government turned into” category.  It doesn’t revolve around law enforcement or terrorism, even though both of those are bad enough. No, this is an appointment to a position of power by a person … Continue reading

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Idiots and Autism

Another study refuting any link whatsoever between immunizations and autism.  HO HUM. Or it would be except for the naive, shortsighted, panicky, or just plain stupid parents out there.  Selfish parents who would prefer to take medical advice from actresses … Continue reading

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I just broke one of my own rules: I argued about vaccination with an anti-vaxer on Facebook.  Vaccination issues (and the vaccination opponents) are one of those topics that it is wise for me to avoid in person and online, … Continue reading

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