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Interview fail.

Dear Ms. Recruiter: I am very sorry that the connection was so bad yesterday when we talked.  Otherwise, it would not have taken until I saw your email at 10:00 pm Pacific last night for me to see that the … Continue reading

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I have been looking around for sources of amusement online, because really, how many Cracked.com articles can a single person read?  (I’m not sure, but I think I am getting close to the limit. And I do not even dare … Continue reading

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I do so love “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”

“Once the Red Sox were perennial losers with pretentious fans who would invoke them as a metaphor for the futility of all human endeavors.  Now they’re the Yankees with beards.” Peter Segal, from the November 2 show.

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“I feel like Google is turning into a Bond villain.”  Bobcat Goldthwaite, during a bit on the Google barges, on the November 9th broadcast of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!”

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How to know you have spent far too much time thinking about the BART strike…

When you listen to the song “Wonderwall,” and instead of “All the lights that light the way are blinding,” your mind hears “And all the arbitration there is binding…”

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Yes. This.

John Oliver: “You’re allowed to root for the Yankees, you grew up in the Bronx…. you can’t just choose to root for the Yankees.”* Regis Philbin: “So why do you root for the Mets?” Oliver: “That’s because I’m British… I … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Colbert quote, regarding the financial industry: “You know why this is a great country? Anywhere else, we’d just line them up and shoot them.”

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