Yet one more reason to love Stephen Colbert.

In September, Colbert (who is devoutly Catholic) appeared at Fordham University along with Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York.  A question was raised from the audience about how to maintain joy while many Christians spread hatred of others, especially gays. According to the New York Times,

Cardinal Dolan responded with two meandering anecdotes — one about having met this week with Muslim leaders, and another about encountering demonstrators outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral. But Mr. Colbert’s response was quick and unequivocal. “If someone spreads hate,” he said, “then they’re not your religious leader.”


*A question came from a young man who was considering the priesthood whether he should date.  Cardinal Dolan said it would be a good idea, followed by “let me give you the number of my nieces.”  Colbert was more to the point: “It’s actually a great pickup line: I’m seriously considering the priesthood. You can change my mind.”

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