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Quote of the day

“Our democracy has been hacked.” Al Gore. (Yes, I know that it is also the tag line for the show Mr. Robot, but Gore said it first.)

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Love is love is love is…

For the past few years, I have tried to refrain from posting copyright-protected material. I am making an exception here. If you did not see the Tony Awards on June 12, you missed Lin-Manuel Miranda’s beautiful acceptance sonnet.  Please Google … Continue reading

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Sometimes you find hope in the oddest places.

I often fight despair about the state of the American public’s critical thinking skills. I worry that, my friends and I aside, the country is sinking into an anti-intellectual abyss. And then, today, I ran across a call to action, … Continue reading

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The sword cuts both ways.

Pope John Paul II decried “cafeteria Catholicism,” being in the Church while not accepting some of its decreed tenets. He was right. Even though I was raised Roman Catholic, I am not now and will not be in the Church … Continue reading

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“Being Poor,” ten years on.

Ten years ago today, in the aftermath of Katrina, John Scalzi wrote one of the most deeply profound pieces on poverty in America I have ever read.  I made my kids read it when they got old enough I thought … Continue reading

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Oh, well.

I saw John Scalzi in conversation with Tad Williams tonight. Scalzi was funny, and charming, and gave one of the better explanations of the Puppies phenomenon I’ve heard or read (namely, jealously, but it’s a lot more than that) and … Continue reading

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Thank you, Jon Stewart.

Because I really do want to remember this: Bullshit is everywhere. There is very little you will encounter in life that has not been, in some way, infused with bullshit — not all of it bad. General day-t0-day organic free-range … Continue reading

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