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Thirty-five years ago today.

One of the earliest posts I wrote in this blog, in January, 2006, was on the Challenger disaster. It still encapsulates my thoughts about the tragedy.

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Movies: facing the past.

On Tuesday, I saw Hidden Figures, about three African-American women who fought bigotry and misogyny to become important figures at NASA. It’s a great movie, and a story that needs to be told. And, like Selma, I found it difficult … Continue reading

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Fallen heroes.

It’s been thirty years today since Challenger. I don’t know what to say that I have not said before, but it seems important to me to mark this anniversary again. So, once again, I salute the brave men and women … Continue reading

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The Martian: a review.

 “The story is such a ripping good ride and so gorgeous to watch that you don’t merely want to suspend your disbelief, you want to tie it to a parking meter outside the theater and order it not to disturb … Continue reading

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Ten years ago today…

It is one of those dates.  For most of the country, there is November 22, 1963, and September 11, 2001. Where were you? What do you remember? And in the case of 9/11, did you know anyone in the Towers? … Continue reading

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The Rocket Scientist in McMurdo, from yesterday: He’s the small speck of white (those are his pants) in front of the blue building. He wrote yesterday that it was warm (34 Fahrenheit!) and that he had seen an Emperor penguin. … Continue reading

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Today, the Rocket Scientist has Antarctic “Survival School.”  He’s excited.  I’m not. Before scientists are allowed to go into the interior to do their research, they have to demonstrate that they can handle the conditions.  They are tossed on the … Continue reading

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The Rocket Scientist just texted a picture of him and other scientists in the plane that will take him from Christchurch, New Zealand to McMurdo Station, Antarctica.  They have been prevented from going for days, and yesterday they got an … Continue reading

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Gold and Darkness

Today, January 31, 2008, is the fiftieth anniversary of America’s entry into space. On January 31, 1958, the aptly named Explorer I took to the skies from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, headed to earth orbit where, besides being … Continue reading

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To the ends of the earth…

At the gift shop in Resolute Bay, Nunavit, you can buy a shirt that says “Resolute Bay is not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.” Not many people live in Resolute — 215, as … Continue reading

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To inspire and guide….

On Devon Island, in the Canadian Arctic, there are seven inukshuks. An inukshuk is an Inuit “stone man” — it serves to comfort people on dangerous journeys and mark pathways. The inukshuks are a little smaller than life-size, and are … Continue reading

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Mission 51-L

The mission page for Space Shuttle mission 51-L looks pretty much the same as for any other mission. Until you skim past all the verbiage about the launch and orbit stats (not too many of those) and see “Landing: None. … Continue reading

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