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I need to get off Facebook.  In the past hour, I have had a discussion with a guy who felt that arming teachers was the right thing to do, and who responded to a careful cost benefit analysis showing that … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing

I’ve been angry, lately. Well, more than lately, but you know what I mean. I suppose I have become one of those “angry bloggers” that you read about in the newspapers. My anger comes from pain and sometimes intense fear, … Continue reading

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A letter to the Mercury News

  Dear Sirs: In his letter of Sunday, February, 19, 2006, Scott Abramson upbraids the media for showing the latest round of photos from Abu Ghurayb, claiming that they will likely inflame more hatred towards American troops. Whose sensibilities is … Continue reading

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I swear to tell…

It is a very famous story. In his memoir, Life á la Henri, famed chef Henri Charpentier tells the story of how in 1896, when serving Edward, the Prince of Wales, dessert crepes, he accidentally caught the sauce on fire. … Continue reading

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