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Small Graces.

I allowed myself a day to mope. Not to grieve: I suspect that will be a much longer process. I did what I often do when my heart is troubled: I drove.  I drove one of my usual haunts in … Continue reading

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What I contemplate during Advent.

Christmas is so bittersweet. There is the Child. The shoot from the stump of the tree of Jesse, called Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, Prince-of-Peace. There is his mother, young, trusting, faithful, who would be told by Simeon soon that her child would … Continue reading

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Persecution complexes

I thought of blogging about the horrific situation of Christians in Iraq, but then Mad Priest already did that. You hear some American fundamentalists whine about how Christians are “persecuted” in America. Do they even fathom what that word means? … Continue reading

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Yeah, what THEY said….

Orson Scott Card posted a defense of teaching Creationism in the schools. I would have liked to pointed out all the holes in his argument, but then Pharyngula did such a lovely job of it, better than I could have. … Continue reading

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