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My secret weapon…

Echidna Boy is a night owl.  Getting him to go to bed before 1 a.m. is very difficult, especially that we don’t currently have the threat of school looming.  (He comes by it naturally: my first week of work I … Continue reading

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Notes from art class

I am taking a drawing class. Oh boy. I earned this class by virtue of volunteering at a local arts organization for 100 hours — answering the phones and staffing the reception desk, mainly. “No, sir, the pastel portrait class … Continue reading

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While I was trying to make dinner last night, on a day when I was in the midst of amassing more miles than a Boston cab driver on a good night, I kept getting bombarded with questions by my offspring, … Continue reading

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View from the stands, part II.

Whoever had the bright idea to create a mash-up of “Rhapsody in Blue” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” for that field show should be forced to mark time in 95 degree heat until they drop. The fact that the kids in the … Continue reading

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The view from the stands….

Some observations from tonight’s band competition: I’m sorry, but no matter how well they do it, seeing girls in harem outfits toss rifles just looks weird. “Look, a harem girl! And she’s armed!” Those drum major salutes are getting perilously … Continue reading

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Just call me "Iron Chef Comfort Food"

One of my current popcorn shows is “Be The Next Food Network Star.” Like all reality shows, it has the attraction of watching people drive themselves crazy doing things I would never do, in this case for something (my own … Continue reading

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