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You know you’re getting old when 1) your coworkers have to explain what a “Jager bomb”*  is and 2) when you get home your children lecture you about how dangerous it is mix alcohol and stimulants. *Red Bull and Jagermeister. … Continue reading

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Reading Comprehension Fail 101.

Reading comprehension, it’s a thing. A thing at which I apparently failed yesterday. Ian Osmond has pointed out to me that he did not actually do a cost-benefit analysis, merely pointed out that one needed to be done. I think … Continue reading

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I’m okay. Sorry to scare anyone.

I just got a very concerned call.  It turns out that since my posts are cross-posted to both Twitter and Facebook, there was a tweet from me which said “We’re being held hostage.  At gunpoint.” Um, no, I am not … Continue reading

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I was wrong.

I have written about Aaron Schwarz before, both his original arrest and his suicide. I should have just talked to the Red-Headed Menace.  He had not been paying attention to the case, and when I talked to him on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Oh, dear…

Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” Or carelessness. Or overwork. Or simple mental fatigue. Or distract…ooh! squirrel! Via Facebook (where I sadly get too much information that is interesting in my life), I … Continue reading

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The Prado Moment.

I still say it was the fault of that damn painting. I had flown to Madrid from the West Coast — six hours across country, with the obligatory four hour layover at JFK, then seven hours over the Atlantic — … Continue reading

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