Reading Comprehension Fail 101.

Reading comprehension, it’s a thing. A thing at which I apparently failed yesterday.

Ian Osmond has pointed out to me that he did not actually do a cost-benefit analysis, merely pointed out that one needed to be done. I think his analysis was spot-on, but he did not actually provide numbers. I think my point — that the analysis matters — was still correct, but I misunderstood what was going on.

Of course, I then wrote an indignant WWF post based on my misunderstanding, lamenting the lack of reading comprehension and critical thinking skills in the Facebook population. (I broke my own “don’t write posts after midnight” general rule.) It’s kind of like writing a post crying out against the poor grammar skills of today’s youth which contains glaring grammatical errors.

(The part in the last post concerning the scare-graphic about Nestle is still accurate, however.  I spent half-an-hour rereading a short article several times and running numbers. To do a thorough analysis I would still want to look up the actual facts from a source with less of an obvious agenda, and run more numbers, but I stand by my original outrage.)

I have since edited the post to clarify the situation, of course.  I would take the post down, but I think I need to keep it up as a lesson in humility.


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