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When heroes fall.

I call it the Frank Lloyd Wright axiom: sometimes geniuses are horrible human beings. Most of the time, I can separate the person from their creation: I can look at the Robie House and admire its beauty.  The fact that … Continue reading

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Feminists can’t write? News to me.

Charlotte Allen, guest blogging in the L.A. Times, doesn’t understand feminist writers today, because they can’t write. Poor baby. As evidence, she produces a sentence by Rebecca Traitser,in a piece that appeared in the New Republic: “I wish that every woman … Continue reading

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Some things to think about. (More links.)

Senior NSA official claims that we live a police state. Blackmail as part of the NSA’s playbook.  I thought that went away when J. Edgar Hoover died, but then I have always been naive. Tom Engelhardt’s Requiem for America.  Engelhardt’s saying … Continue reading

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Please let me sulk alone.

Marvin the Paranoid Android becomes a sysadmin.

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Okay, so I’m struggling with this.  It is the time of year to reflect on all the things I’ve done wrong in my life. (This hits me in summer, moreso than my birthday or New Year’s. Summer has always been … Continue reading

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Speaking of Weird Al…

I have fallen in love with “Sports Song.” It captures the essence of every college fight song out there — except for Stanford, who insist on being weird. (I keep thinking of UGA, and Michigan, and even Georgia Tech.) It’s … Continue reading

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Links! Oh boy!

Every time I get on my computer, I run across dozens of links I want to write about, and never do.  Sometimes those links get lost when I close down the browser (or Georgia crashes); sometimes they just get added … Continue reading

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