A week or so ago, a blogger named L.P. posted “When Suits Become a Stumbling Block: A Plea to My Brothers in Christ,”  skewering modesty culture in Christianity.  She showed a lot of pictures of sexy men in suits.  (She identified just-right fitting pants as the issue for her; for me, it’s all about shoulders, which suits emphasize nicely.)  She covered a lot of bases, but I think she missed some, mainly:


Nerd suits.





….. and Order suits.


Culinary suits.



Game show suits.





And, of course …

Presidential suits.




There are other sources of temptations of impure thoughts, of course: my own personal bête noire is… black leather coats. Jackets are bad enough, but black leather trench coats……  um, yeah.


There is also the issue of … formalwear.


The more cynical among you might think that this was only an excuse to post pictures of Chris Hardwick, Raúl Esparza (Danny Pino is only lagniappe), Jesse L. Martin, Alton Brown, Jane Lynch, Barack Obama, and Fred Astaire on my blog.  Piffle.  It’s not like I included all the media figures I find hot: I couldn’t find a good picture of Jason Sklar in a suit that did not have his brother as well.

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