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This is really tough.

It will be two weeks tomorrow since we buried Mom. I have gone back to work.  I know it might seem to be too soon, but at work I have to pretend to be happy and pleasant. It’s a break … Continue reading

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My Mom died tonight, on Mother’s Day. She had had a cold, and had promised me when I talked to her this afternoon that she would go see a doctor tomorrow, because she was having a little trouble breathing.  Later … Continue reading

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A tale of two cars.

Frank came home from the mechanic’s shop last week.  The changing of the guard has well and truly finished. Frank is short for “Frankencar,” so named by the Rocket Scientist.* The body, interior, electric system and engine are the same … Continue reading

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There is so much to write about… Capital punishment and the botched execution in Oklahoma. A school shooting that did not happen because gun control laws worked the way they should.  Vincent and Frank, a tale of two Mustangs. But… … Continue reading

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