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How to know you’re sick.

…when you are excited (for some value thereof) that your temperature has been less than 101 all day (for the first time in five days) and  that you actually got a shower. It was a bad cold which morphed into … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me.

New hair!   Yesterday was my birthday.  I have a lot of thoughts on the matter, so what am I writing about? Hair. I have been coloring my hair the past few months.  Last year I was prescribed a medicine … Continue reading

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Apropos that last post, I just wanted to mention that Raiders of the Lost Ark has one of my favorite movie quotes ever.  When Marian comments that Indiana Jones is not the man she knew ten years before, he replies … Continue reading

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Saving for what?

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the last movie showing at the Century 21 theater in San Jose.  The Century 21, which dates from 1964, was a wonderful place to see movies: one of the last widescreen theaters … Continue reading

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Lazy meanderings.

I am working again now. It’s a temporary, part-time job. I actually like temporary assignments: I like the goal oriented nature of the work. And besides, it’s good to be useful. Longer term work with more hours would be good, … Continue reading

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