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Okay, I just need to whine some here.

Living with a chronic pain condition is hard. Being unemployed with a chronic pain condition is harder. That seems counterintuitive, I know.  When you go to bed crying from the intense aching in your muscles that won’t respond to painkillers … Continue reading

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One of those days. Which once again brings up the question of how much you have to buy at a Starbucks to make your presence there for (at this point, 3.5.) hours ethically supportable.  Thus far, it has been two … Continue reading

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I’m okay. Sorry to scare anyone.

I just got a very concerned call.  It turns out that since my posts are cross-posted to both Twitter and Facebook, there was a tweet from me which said “We’re being held hostage.  At gunpoint.” Um, no, I am not … Continue reading

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As a follow-up to “We’re being held hostage. At gunpoint.” I would like to pass along a couple of links from the New York Times about “impulsive suicide.”  Making the means of suicide more difficult to get to reduces these.  … Continue reading

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I’m a few days late on these things…

1) I hope you have a lovely spring.  For any of you who live in the Northeast or Midwest, I hope that means that spring actually comes in soon.  Here’s hoping for no more snow. 2) I have not commented … Continue reading

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Yay! Trivia!

I have found a new place to play trivia: The Freewheel Brewing Company in Redwood City, California. They have a trivia game every Monday night, hosted by a very lovely British woman whose name I can’t remember right now.  Unlike … Continue reading

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From the Nerdist podcast he did, Tom Hanks on Hollywood: “It’s high school with ashtrays.” (I love Tom Hanks.)

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We’re being held hostage. At gunpoint.

Obama nominated a very worthy candidate for Surgeon General. Dr. Vivek Murthy has degrees from Harvard and Yale, teaches medicine at Harvard, and is an attending physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  He is involved in medical nonprofits and a … Continue reading

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I have been doing a lot of reading of blogs and other online media lately. (Yes, I know, instead of writing my own online content.)  There is a lot of good material out there, usually in my case linked to … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Internet…

Comment by The Not So Little Drummer Boy about Buzzfeed: “They have the most ridiculous lists — things like “The top ten episodes of Seinfeld as seen from the perspective of Stanley Kubrick.”  Um, that’s not actually a list.” I … Continue reading

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Still here.  Still writing, although not here. (Playing around with Scrivener, hoping to increase my productivity.)  Struggling with depression and isolation. Coming to terms with the imminent (as in the next year) of two, possibly all three, of my sons. … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Marius — you gave us a lot to think about.

By  now you, and most of the connected world, have heard the story of Marius the giraffe killed by the Copenhagen zoo. He was a healthy, surplus teenager, as far as the giraffe world goes. And, as hard as it … Continue reading

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I have previously written about  I have noticed people starting to add the title of their thesis under their statement of what the thesis is about.  The often discord between the two makes them even more amusing. Examples: Imagine … Continue reading

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I’m still alive.

I have not been writing frequently, my desires to the contrary notwithstanding. There has not been a lot going on in my life, although there has been too much going on in the world at large. As I wrote earlier, … Continue reading

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First world problem.

I am done with Angry Birds. I don’t like the game well enough to pay for it, so I play the free version. I don’t mind the ads; it’s a free game, after all. I understand that Rovio has to … Continue reading

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