Still here.  Still writing, although not here. (Playing around with Scrivener, hoping to increase my productivity.)  Struggling with depression and isolation. Coming to terms with the imminent (as in the next year) of two, possibly all three, of my sons. Stressing out about college admissions and rejections, and upcoming financial aid offers. Job-hunting, while hoping that I get called back by my former employers.

Watching too much television.  Right now, the shows I am scheduled to record (yay for DVRs!) are The Voice, Criminal Minds, The Amazing Race, old episodes of Good Eats when they appear on the Cooking Channel, and my latest fave, Comedy Central’s @midnight.

(@midnight mocks the Internet, specifically social media.  Comedians comment upon social media clips, ranging from Twitter, Youtube, Vine (which I did not know was a thing until this show), Yelp, and other places people can generally make fools of themselves publicly. My favorite segment is Hashtag Wars, in which the “contestants” create fictitious items that fall into bizarre categories.  The first show I saw had a Hashtag War of #stonervideogames, such as “Chronic the Hedgehog,” “Hash Bandicoot,” “World of Weedcraft,” and my favorite, “Grand Theft… what are we doing here again?”  I started watching because one episode had the Sklar Brothers, whom I have had an unremitting crush on since I saw them on History Channel’s United Stats of America. Geeky, middle-aged twins.  Wonderful.  Another show had the incomparable Will Wheaton.)

So, surviving.  Whether this counts as living is another matter altogether.

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