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Let’s try something new.

Yesterday was my birthday. I usually commemorate it in my this blog by going through all the horrible things that happened this week. This year, I think it is really important to keep strong, so I’m going to try looking … Continue reading

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Damn you, Felicity Huffman.

God made me for a reason And nothing is in vain Redemption comes in many shapes With many kinds of pain “Travelin’ Thru” Dolly Parton, from Transamerica. “Travelin Thru” is a very special song to me. Depending where I am … Continue reading

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My own festival.

If I win the lottery, in additional to staying in fine hotels and visiting national parks (sometimes at the same time), I want to rent a theater for a week. I want to have a film festival. Beyond just the … Continue reading

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Time marches on.

We have slid into 2019. Christmas is over — all of you were spared my rant about Christmas music, which I wrote but never published. You have been spared my observations about Christmas presents given and received. I can’t wrap … Continue reading

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You don’t know what you’ve got ’til its gone…

Well, it’s been a while… I could talk about work and how Donald Trump’s mischaracterization of what is going on with California elections is both wrong and harmful, but I just don’t have the energy. I don’t want to talk … Continue reading

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For the trolls…

Y’all are going to have to carry the banner on this because I am going off the Internet for a while. A few points to toss at the trolls… Dr. Ford has passed a polygraph test. She has asked for … Continue reading

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I believe Christine Ford. I understand completely why she would have waited so long to come forward. I was eighteen when I was sexually assaulted. [Warning: rape/suicide triggers.] Although I told a few others, I did not tell anyone in my … Continue reading

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