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The Al Franken Dilemma.

I love Al Franken. I have always loved Al Franken. One of my favorite lectures ever was the talk he gave on his fight against Fox News. (Hunt down The First Amendment Project; one of their episodes contains part of … Continue reading

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Consistency, people.

I heard a msnbc commentator this evening say “Everyone is rightfully upset — and should be — by the fetal tissue sale, but Republicans should not shut down the government to defund Planned Parenthood.” My first reaction was “Yeah, those … Continue reading

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Sheesh, people.

I am working on a post on rape culture, and the way in which society aids and abets abusers and harassers, but it is slow going, primarily because I want to be thoughtful about the way that I approach the … Continue reading

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Just a thought…

Whenever anyone starts decrying the fact that those numbers about the monetary value of the work that stay-at-home mothers do are just so much hooey,* and that the real problem is that working mothers are never paid enough to “make … Continue reading

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March 8 is International Women’s Day. Therefore, it is also Blog Against Sexism Day. (Who decides these things, anyway?) I have already written about feminism when I wrote about the death of Betty Friedan. And there are a great many … Continue reading

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