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An Open Letter to The Republican Nominee.

Standard disclaimer: See sidebar. These are my views alone, not those of my employer, for whom I am in no way authorized to speak. I do not identify them, but I know what the Internet can do. Dear Mr. Trump: … Continue reading

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Work matters.

“All honest work is honorable.”  My Dad. An area manager for a large insurance company tried to recruit me to be a sales agent last week. He kept talking about how my qualifications didn’t match my work history. “Whenever someone … Continue reading

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Things seem at times overwhelming right now.  I have not been writing about them, though.  I wrote a piece on Charlie Hebdo which I haven’t published — it’s kind of late to do so now.  Many people said what I … Continue reading

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Work is over, again. I was part of a political operation (a small part) again.  Election work is, by its nature, temporary and cyclical. Every second Tuesday in November there is a flurry of activity, followed by the campaign workers’ … Continue reading

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Interview fail.

Dear Ms. Recruiter: I am very sorry that the connection was so bad yesterday when we talked.  Otherwise, it would not have taken until I saw your email at 10:00 pm Pacific last night for me to see that the … Continue reading

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Lazy meanderings.

I am working again now. It’s a temporary, part-time job. I actually like temporary assignments: I like the goal oriented nature of the work. And besides, it’s good to be useful. Longer term work with more hours would be good, … Continue reading

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Well, that was… educational.

My latest adventure in temporary political outreach has ended. I am no longer employed as a Certified Educator for Covered California. The operative word is “employed.” Once an educator, always an educator: within the past 48 hours I have had … Continue reading

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