There are days….

… when the best you can say is that you didn’t quit.

I hate dealing with people who, just as they are foaming at the mouth about Obama, let slip enough information to make it clear that if they could just step back from their blind hatred they might be able to learn something to their advantage.  I don’t argue with them anymore.

Today, I had someone tell me that I was a nice person but very deluded about what the ACA will do to the country.  Hey, man, at least I care; not to mention the fact that, no, there was no way I could know that your wife was a Certified Educator (if she is — I think you were lying).  There are a lot of us out there. Also, there was no way I could have known you watch Fox News: if they have that information, the NSA certainly does not share it with some lowly phone banker working for a nonprofit which has a grant from a union. Although, quite frankly, I would have guessed after twenty seconds talking with you.

I get tired of people keeping me on the line just so they can yell at me.  I am too polite to hang up on people, unless they are obscene. Other people have no qualms about hanging up on me, though.  The only advantage to calling the Central Valley is that people tell you they aren’t interested before they hang up on you, giving you a chance to wish them a good evening.  It’s almost like they recognize that you are *gasp* a human being!

I do a good job.  I do.  I do. I do…

I just need to keep reminding myself of that.  This job makes political calling seem like a walk in the park.

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