I have been looking around for sources of amusement online, because really, how many Cracked.com articles can a single person read?  (I’m not sure, but I think I am getting close to the limit. And I do not even dare to click on a link to TV Tropes.) I am soliciting suggestions.

Here are some of my favorites: Campaignsick Tumblr (which has a lot of inside baseball, but is still general enough that some of you may find it amusing); then there is Whenyouworkatamuseum Tumblr (which is great even if you do not work at a museum); the Twitter feed #overlyhonestmethods (favorite tweet: “field site was chosen because I had a friend in town and there was a good pub”); and the absolute best…


The idea is simple: students (originally seniors but later graduate students) summarize their thesis in one sentence.  The results can be hilarious — and often painful, which does not make them any less funny.

Some of the ones I love:

“Water war; what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.” International Relations/Environmental Resource Management, Australian National University

“Phrases like “democratic imaginaries of femininity” and “docile bodies of militarized masculinity” are real crowd pleasers at your conservative relatives’ holiday parties.”  Political Science, Bryn Mawr College

“Minimalism: still a thing.” Music Composition, College of the Holy Cross

“You will not get sick or die if you eat vegetables grown in the city of San Francisco, but all of the community farms got shut down after I collected samples anyway.” Earth Systems, Stanford University

“Heidegger says: yolo!” Philosophy, University of Helsinki

“If you want people to make good decisions about climate change policy, tell them about it when it is really, really hot.” Geography, University of Colorado – Boulder

“My biggest issue with death is that it’s inconvenient. Does that make me practical or sociopathic. Let’s explore this.” Psychology, Iona College

“Honestly? We are not that great. Not even close to the TV show.” Crime Scene Investigation, The George Washington Univeristy

And my very favorite,

“It depends.” Law, Harvard University.

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