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Pat’s Cranky Corn Chowder.

Okay, ingredients first. The instructions are gonna get rambly. Tough. 4 ears Super Sweet corn, pre-husked so you don’t have to deal with corn silk 3 slices of thick bacon cut into small pieces Onion, diced (pre-diced from Safeway — … Continue reading

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Pat’s BETTER Damn Brownies.

An update of Pat’s Best Damn Brownie recipe. Recipe first, comments after. 1 cup Guittard semisweet chocolate pieces 1 cup (1 stick) Crisco butter flavored shortening 2 cups white sugar 4 large eggs 3/4 cup + 2 tbsps good cocoa … Continue reading

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Well, there goes that resolution.

It’s that time of the year: when New Year’s resolutions to eat more healthily and maybe lose some weight run smack into Girl Scout cookie season. I had to go to two different Safeways today; I ended up with two … Continue reading

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Sometimes you find hope in the oddest places.

I often fight despair about the state of the American public’s critical thinking skills. I worry that, my friends and I aside, the country is sinking into an anti-intellectual abyss. And then, today, I ran across a call to action, … Continue reading

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Comparative Pharmacology.

Tinto de Verano:  not quite as effective as prescription muscle relaxants for dealing with massive back spasms*, but a great deal tastier.  The side effect profile is different, however, and the side effects may last after the efficacy has diminished. … Continue reading

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It’s that time again!

Ah, Thanksgiving.  That means… cooking. A lot of cooking.  I rather enjoy it, provided I am organized (ha!) and spread the work over several days. I’m putting this here because it is easy for me to access regardless whichever computer … Continue reading

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Long time readers of this blog may know that, although I consider myself a Floridian, I was born in New Orleans. I love Creole and Cajun food (no, they’re not the same thing), and can get a bit dogmatic about … Continue reading

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Chocolate pudding, yum.

I often have a craving for chocolate pudding.  I don’t keep boxes of mix on hand, so I make my own.  It’s easy: mix cornstarch and cold milk, heat in microwave, stirring every thirty seconds or so, until the mixture … Continue reading

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From The Red-Headed Menace:  “Tim-Tams are Australian crack cocaine.”* Then there are the Girl Scouts.  At least in my area, they always put the Brownies on cookie duty.  Brownies are natural salesman; the GS equivalent of kittens, they look at … Continue reading

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I really need to pay attention to things when I make stuff up when cooking:  the totally kick-ass cranberry sauce I made with star anise, crystallized ginger, and chipotle powder has just been pronounced by the Resident Shrink to be … Continue reading

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A couple of culinary observations…

I am rapidly coming around to the Not-So-Little Drummer Boy’s position that there are few foods that are not improved by putting sriracha on them.  In this case, cornbread stuffing.  I love the heat — and my family rebels against … Continue reading

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Good food.

So, I’m still weak, fatigued and coughing.  I did go to Starbucks for a couple of hours today with the kids.  We had a far ranging, interesting discussion, as is our wont.  Then I came home and slept, and talked … Continue reading

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Pumpkin-Date Bread

Because I think it will be easier to find here than in my LJ, the best pumpkin bread recipe I have ever had*: 3 1/3 c.flour2 t. baking soda1/2 t. baking powder1 1/2 t.salt1 t. cinnamon1/2 t. nutmeg1/2 t. ground … Continue reading

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Food for thought.

When I gave food to the poor, they called me a saint. When I asked why the poor were hungry, they called me a communist. Dom Helder Camara This week I’m worried about fruit. We’ve had a cold snap, with … Continue reading

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Today, at the elementary school, they had the “fall festival.” Part neighborhood meetup and part PTA fundraiser, they had all the sorts of things you find at events like this: ring tosses, raffles, a silent auction (whoever had put together … Continue reading

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Just call me "Iron Chef Comfort Food"

One of my current popcorn shows is “Be The Next Food Network Star.” Like all reality shows, it has the attraction of watching people drive themselves crazy doing things I would never do, in this case for something (my own … Continue reading

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