A couple of culinary observations…

I am rapidly coming around to the Not-So-Little Drummer Boy’s position that there are few foods that are not improved by putting sriracha on them.  In this case, cornbread stuffing.  I love the heat — and my family rebels against me putting any more chipotle pepper in it when I am making it.

My sour cream chocolate pie is really good.  It is even better spread with marshmallow fluff.  Last night, I realized why:  it’s a s’more! Graham cracker crust, chocolate middle, marshmallow top… next time I think I will simply spread the entire top with marshmallow fluff and take the propane torch to it.  Yum.

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1 Response to A couple of culinary observations…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ooh, that smores pie idea sounds great!-rs

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