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“What do you want, a bloody photograph?”

While Railfan* and I were discussing the Inquisition, I remembered my favorite document of that era, the transcript of Poalo Veronese’s trial for heresy for a painting of the Last Supper. It strongly resembles a Monty Python sketch.** The very … Continue reading

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The kids are all, for the most part, gone. One is home, but working. One is at school. One, God help me, teaches English… in Seoul, South Korea. [Yet another reason the Trump presidency has been bad for my blood … Continue reading

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Tim Fouts of the country a cappella group Home Free, about the Westboro Baptist Church: “I personally prefer ladies, but I’d kiss a dude to piss them off.” (He also said, “I’m not celebrating those misguided idiots, I’m just happy … Continue reading

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Now for something completely different….

I needed  a short break from reading political news and stressing about the state of our Republic, so I am re-reading various Terry Pratchett books. It was either Pratchett or Pride and Prejudice, and I don’t even have the emotional … Continue reading

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But of course.

Most years, several members of our family ask for impossible things on their Christmas list. One year, Railfan asked for a girlfriend and some C4. (We told him no, we weren’t going to get him the C4 since we were … Continue reading

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” It is almost as if Plaintiff ’s counsel chose the opinion by throwing long range darts at the Federal Reporter…”

 Bradshaw v. Unity Marine Corp. (147F Supp. 2d 668 (S.D. Tex. 2001)) just may be the most entertaining court ruling I have ever read. I am making a spectacle of myself in Starbucks as I giggle, snort, and laugh outright at … Continue reading

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Truth in Advertising.

(Note: We didn’t either, but I did get a laugh at the sign.)

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