“What do you want, a bloody photograph?”

While Railfan* and I were discussing the Inquisition, I remembered my favorite document of that era, the transcript of Poalo Veronese’s trial for heresy for a painting of the Last Supper. It strongly resembles a Monty Python sketch.**

The very best part was that Veronese, after being ordered to repaint the picture to conform to church rules, at his own expense, simply changed the name to “Christ in the House of Levi.”

*That one of my offspring is majoring in history makes me very, very happy.  Finally, after years of being on the sideline of incomprehensible scientific discourse between the Rocket Scientist and the Red Headed Menace, Railfan and I can get into discussions of the minutia concerning the Spanish Inquisition, and historiographical issues around  popular notions about the use of torture.

**Monty  Python frequently covers the cerebral with the absolutely silly.

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