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My own festival.

If I win the lottery, in additional to staying in fine hotels and visiting national parks (sometimes at the same time), I want to rent a theater for a week. I want to have a film festival. Beyond just the … Continue reading

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After my last post, and after some online discussion, it became crystal clear to me: I hate Bernie Sanders. I try not to hate political figures: it tends to be counterproductive. (Viewing them with disdain and disgust, however, is a … Continue reading

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We’ve been Berned before.

So Sanders is running again. How… special. Look, I don’t care if he runs. I don’t particularly even care if he decides to call himself a Democrat. What I do care about is that unless the Democratic National Committee shows … Continue reading

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Another week, another shooting. My heart breaks for Aurora, Illinois. But before anyone mentions the failures of the mental health system, consider that, according to the Washington Post, the shooter had worked for the company for twenty years, and had … Continue reading

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Well, there goes that resolution.

It’s that time of the year: when New Year’s resolutions to eat more healthily and maybe lose some weight run smack into Girl Scout cookie season. I had to go to two different Safeways today; I ended up with two … Continue reading

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The Washington Post wins.

The Super Bowl was, not to put to fine a point on it, a snoozefest. That teams who were there by virtue of bad calls back down the line only exacerbated my annoyance when they then produced one of the … Continue reading

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Another date to remember.

As a friend of mine on Facebook put it, sixteen years ago today Columbia came home. I had forgotten what day it was today. When he reminded me I felt the tears spring to my eyes. I remember. I remember … Continue reading

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