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But of course.

Most years, several members of our family ask for impossible things on their Christmas list. One year, Railfan asked for a girlfriend and some C4. (We told him no, we weren’t going to get him the C4 since we were … Continue reading

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I stand corrected.

As the Red-Headed Menace and I drove along this afternoon, I began musing on language. “I was looking at the xkcd cartoon about The Martian.  The rollover text said ‘I have never seen a piece of fiction so perfectly capture the … Continue reading

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Railfan rocks.

My middle son wrote this. Also, Railfan?  You have the ability to write as well as your brothers do.  You capitalize and punctuate better than they do. Just so you know. Love you, kid.

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In 1991, The Rocket Scientist and I were tooling around Australian backroads, hurrying to make up lost time between Sydney and Parkes, where the Australian radio telescopes were.  In the middle of one stretch running through towering eucalyptus trees was … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces.

There is no day so bad a pint of Lagunitas Brewery Imperial Stout won’t make at least a little better. School starts tomorrow (okay, later this morning). The Red-Headed Menace is pulling his first all-nighter, writing a six-page paper on … Continue reading

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The kids are all right. I will be too.

It is August.  The school year will be starting in a couple of weeks. It will be my family’s last school year. The Red-Headed Menace will be a senior next year.  I will never have to go to Back-To-School Night, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, kid.

The Red-headed Menace turns sixteen today. It’s scary and bittersweet for me, and I suspect for him, as well.  He is becoming an adult before my eyes, filled with gravitas and determination.  He always did have a serious side, seeming … Continue reading

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