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The Hermitage, Louvre, and Orsay: 1997. The Metropolitan (NYC): 2003. The Prado* and the Getty: 2004. The Art Institute of Chicago: 2006. The Uffizi and the Vatican: 2012. The Tate Modern: 2015. This was my list of the Top Ten … Continue reading

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Back from Spain. Great trip. Too much to write about. Saw three museums in Madrid. Ate too much jamon. Fell down a small staircase. Discovered the limits of my mobility. Good times.

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New shoes.

I have never thought much about shoes.  I am of the “sensible flats” school of women’s footwear, and not solely because it reflects my personality. (Okay, you can stop with the eye-rolling, now.  You know who you are.) When I … Continue reading

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Art isn’t easy. Especially when it was stolen.

It seems that story of the art found last year in the Munich flat is not going to be straightforward. This art trove, consisting of painting designated “degenerate” by the Nazis, contained pieces by giants of twentieth century art such … Continue reading

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Guy Fawkes Day Randomness

It’s day celebrating the patron saint of Anonymous. It’s two days after the great fall, and I have spent most of the day in bed on opiates.  Part of this is that I have been sleeping a lot, but more … Continue reading

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Artists in residence.

I have left the Borg…  for another Borg.  The Droid 2 is now a paperweight.  I have left the Android universe, and am back in the Apple fold. The iPhone4 is now up and running.  In keeping with the naming … Continue reading

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For those who like art… This is freaking brilliant.

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