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Goodbye, Tree.

Mimosas are not only drinks. Mimosas are trees with delicate fern-like leaves and fluffy pink flowers. My elementary school had a huge mimosa in front, with a low trunk that encouraged climbing, at least after hours when there was no … Continue reading

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It’s Valentine’s Day. Time to go read some appropriate holiday fiction: The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams and Nathaniel West’s “Miss Lonelyhearts” spring to mind. At least those of us who are not happy campers today can celebrate tomorrow: it … Continue reading

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More realistic problems.

Looking at my last post, I have to face the fact that the self-flagellation I engage in is a luxury. I don’t have to worry about living on a few dollars a day.I don’t have to decide between food and … Continue reading

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I wish my brain would just shut up, sometimes.

[Warning: this post is going to be a whine.  I am blogging this because it’s too long for Facebook and I want a reminder of the first part of the post. I am disabling comments because, while reassurance is always … Continue reading

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My name is Pat, and I am powerless over…

I have just spent time reading over all my “Gratitude Posts.” (See sidebar.)  I feel pretty good. I write acceptably well, but there tends to be a lot of overlap in the lists.  This is not surprising, since I wrote … Continue reading

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I have so many posts backed up — a post about a trip to Grace Cathedral, a post about the joys of being lost in San Francisco, a partly finished post about why I find Dickens Fair so annoying, a … Continue reading

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Holiday cheer.

Several years ago, Staples ran television back-to-school ads with the Andy Williams Christmas hit “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year” showing a dad cavorting down the aisles of the store, followed by a couple of sullen pre-teens. My … Continue reading

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