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All done.

[See sidebar disclaimer. These opinions are my own, and my employer — or recent employer — has nothing to do with them.] To paraphrase H. H. Munro, it was a good job, as jobs go; and as jobs go, it … Continue reading

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Just stuff, Halloween edition.

Although work is not nearly as grueling as last November (not even completely full time, some weeks — it’s an off-year election), it’s still work, and I’m writing even less than I was before this month. Sue me. You know … Continue reading

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I have talked about my love of the ocean. The wild exuberant Pacific, the solemn Atlantic. The exotic Caribbean. The gentle Gulf. The Gulf is my ocean, the waters I grew up in and near. The ocean I love more than … Continue reading

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Democracy. I love it.

Standard disclaimer: See sidebar. These are my views, not those of my employer, for whom I am in no way authorized to speak. I am writing from my experience working for an elections division, a worker bee who gets to … Continue reading

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Just stuff.

The fact of the day: did you know migraine symptoms can mimic a stroke? I didn’t. Hence an overnight visit to the E.R. (In all honesty, I wasn’t going to go, but the Rocket Scientist threatened to call an ambulance.) … Continue reading

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Does Trumpism come from the South?

[I have been sitting on this post for literally a few months — I have not been able to get it into any sort of shape that I am happy with. However, since I have told several people about it, … Continue reading

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An open letter to Lawrence O’Donnell.

Dear Mr. O’Donnell: I have waited a few days before writing this letter, hoping that I would become more eloquent or the words you spoke on Tuesday less upsetting. Neither has happened. Although I do not watch your show all … Continue reading

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