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You may notice a slight change in my profile. My good friend from college, Jane*, has been insisting for a while now that I remove the word “former” in front of “lawyer.” “You think like a lawyer,” she said. “You … Continue reading

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This is war… sort of.

In the first World War people bought war bonds and planted gardens. (Some of those bond drives — especially in Philadelphia — themselves proved fatal to civilians who got the H1N1 flu there.) In World War II, people went without … Continue reading

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This is one of my favorite paintings, the portrait of George Harley Drummond by Sir Henry Raeburn. It’s not a significant painting. I’m sure if you drew up a list of the top hundred paintings in the world, it wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Good things.

The sky is blue — the color of the statice in Fourth of July flower arrangements. It’s 65F outside, the perfect temperature. I have homemade empanadas for lunch. I have Fevertree Ginger Beer in the garage. I have a functioning … Continue reading

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John Scalzi has ideas about how people treat books, because, well of course he does. Looking at his (actually Anne Fadiman’s) grid, I have been all of them from Lawful Good (uses leather or other proper bookmarks) to Chaotic Evil … Continue reading

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No words. NO WORDS.

Sometimes you can see it. You can see the car running the red-light, the truck hydroplaning as its semi-trailer jackknifes its way through all the lanes of the freeway, the train as it starts to derail. You can see; nevertheless … Continue reading

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Revisiting caucuses, and accessability.

In 2016, I wrote about caucuses, and how they are an undemocratic anomaly. I believe every word I wrote then, and it seems redundant to restate the case. One issue I did not address in that post — mainly because … Continue reading

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