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Losing the world.

Happy day after Earth Day, 2021. The earth has been slapping us around the past year: drought, hurricanes, blizzards, pandemic. Every time you turn around you see yet another natural disaster barreling down on a usually unprepared populace. That doesn’t … Continue reading

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It’s that month again.

 April is the cruellest month, breedingLilacs out of the dead land, mixingMemory and desire, stirringDull roots with spring rain. T.S. Eliot, “The Wasteland” I turned sixty on Saturday (I am determined not to lie about my age). Just another depressing … Continue reading

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Deliver us from evil?

Last Sunday, I watched the livestream of the Easter service from San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral. The recital of the Lord’s Prayer brought me up short. I have always mentally heard the prayer as asking the Lord to “lead us not … Continue reading

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Words matter.

CW: Sexual Assault, Rape In the March 31, 2021 New York Times, Marta Blue had a moving article about the unwanted touch that women are subject to through their lives. She wrote an interesting piece discussing the boundaries of consent … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Kid.

Twenty-seven years ago, Railfan came into my life. It’s not always been easy, but I would not wish it any other way.

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Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

During the course of this epidemic, our family has begun to create that which before we would have simply bought. We don’t sew our own clothes, but we do cook our own pizza and bake our own bread and… brew … Continue reading

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My most vivid memories from travel, both good and bad. (I have previously written about some of them.) In no particular order: The feel of a baby sea turtle in my hand as I helped him to the ocean (Cumberland … Continue reading

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That’s one blessing counted.

I find myself struggling. The stress of the ongoing pandemic, and the knowledge that until everyone in the household gets completely vaccinated I am not going anywhere (we agreed on this as a family), gets to me. Having a relatively … Continue reading

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Aliens, and the rapture that didn’t happen, and Q-Anon.

I caught Cocoon on FXM the other day. I only saw about the last hour of the movie, but it nonetheless brought back waves of nostalgia. For those who don’t remember Cocoon, it concerned a group of St. Petersburg, Florida nursing home residents who discover … Continue reading

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Scones for Brunch

This recipe belongs to Ree Drummond (“The Pioneer Woman” on Food Network). I am duplicating it here because I am changing the measurements to make 12 scones instead of 8, and adding cherries. Chocolate Chip Scones 3 3/4 cups baking … Continue reading

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Dorothy was right.

Razors pain you;Rivers are damp;Acids stain you;And drugs cause cramp.Guns aren’t lawful;Nooses give;Gas smells awful;You might as well live. “Resume,” Dorothy Parker Growing old sucks. This thought intrudes into my consciousness right now because I have hurt my hip. I’m … Continue reading

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I am stuck in my room today. The rest of the family are moving furniture, so I am trapped watching the cat.  I could be viewing the defense speak in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, but instead I opted not to. … Continue reading

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The trial.

The impeachment trial begins. The Constitutional question seems straightforward enough: did the Framers intend a “January exception” (so named by House Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin) to the clause requiring impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors? Can a President wait and … Continue reading

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Update, “Fear and Politics.”

For some reason WordPress is not allowing me to update previously postst. It will not even allow me to change the post to draft, thereby unpublishing it. Update: in fact, as it turned out, in spite of Trump’s previously reported … Continue reading

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Fear and Politics

Predictably, Democratic Senators have called on Donald Trump to appear before the Senate during his impeachment. Likewise, Donald Trump has rejected the request. I have no doubt his refusal arises from his scorn for the Democrats, but just as likely … Continue reading

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