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Fear and Politics

Predictably, Democratic Senators have called on Donald Trump to appear before the Senate during his impeachment. Likewise, Donald Trump has rejected the request. I have no doubt his refusal arises from his scorn for the Democrats, but just as likely … Continue reading

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Got to keep the old grey cells active.

Learning matters to me. What I have done best in my life was always being a student. I may not have been able to transform what I learned into anything that I could get paid for, but I console myself … Continue reading

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Things you don’t ask.

I have family who are Republicans. Some things I just don’t ask them. Like: Marjorie Taylor Greene is your representative. Did you vote for her? Marjorie Taylor Greene is the QAnon Representative from Georgia who in 2018 tweeted approval of … Continue reading

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Thirty-five years ago today.

One of the earliest posts I wrote in this blog, in January, 2006, was on the Challenger disaster. It still encapsulates my thoughts about the tragedy.

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I was reminded recently of the origin of the word “gaslighting.” For those of you who have not had liberal friends try to explain Donald Trump to you, “gaslighting” is repeatedly lying to someone while acting as though the hearer is losing her … Continue reading

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Days of infamy.

December 7th, 1941. November 22, 1963. September 11, 2001. January 6, 2021. These days raise questions: Where were you when you heard about Pearl Harbor? What were you doing when you heard Kennedy had been shot? Who told you about … Continue reading

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Oh my God.

The Russians have won. We have turned into a banana republic.

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Have yourself a movie little Christmas.

Two days before Christmas, I developed a sore throat and congestion. In prior years, I would have taken some DayQuil and returned to cooking cornbread. (It really feels like a sinus infection.) In these times, though, I arranged for a … Continue reading

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Waiting to inhale.

I’m reading some really … well, let’s just say it’s not literature. I am working through the Merry Gentry novels by Laurell K. Hamilton. They are essentially fairy erotica. (Don’t judge me — ipt’s not Fifty Shades of Gray.) One … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year again…

…that time when I go over my favorite Christmas songs. Because, you know, you need to realize that if I could I would start playing Christmas music in August. Only the threats of my family to disown me keeps me … Continue reading

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Freedom? Safety?

You often hear “social conservatives” decry what they see as an infringement on their right to free speech. They claim that being called a bigot for espousing racist or homophonic or sexist speech has a chilling effect on the expression … Continue reading

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The experts are giving us clear advice this Thanks giving: stay home, don’t have your family visit. Their warnings are laced with equal parts concern and incredulity that people would do such dangerous things as fly right now. In some … Continue reading

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My sister the Trump supporter texted me last night. We didn’t talk politics; instead we talked about my nieces and how my grand-nephew was entering first grade and how that seemed absolutely impossible and how he looked like the Red-Headed … Continue reading

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Elections checklist, update (reprise).

I was planning to run this on October 1st, but lost track of time, given everything else that is going on. Mail-in ballots have already gone out in a lot of states. (Sorry to spam you, but this information is … Continue reading

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Farewell, RBG.

I don’t know what I could say that others have not said better. I will miss her, and her pragmatic support for women and LGBT+ rights. (She performed the first same-sex marriage at the Supreme Court.) She fought the good … Continue reading

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