Checking in…

So it’s been a while since I wrote here. Just because I am not writing does not mean that I am not thinking, however. Let’s see…

The Not-So-Little Drummer Boy got married this last October in Korea, and I, The Rocket Scientist, Railfan, and the Resident Shrink all went. I participated, dressed in a traditional Korean outfit called a hanbok.

My hanbok. It makes me look like a beached whale; then again these outfits make everyone look like a beached whale

Korea is a staggeringly beautiful country, and I look forward to revisiting it. I’m happy with my new daughter-in-law (The Very Lovely Wife) who is quite sweet and funny. My son is loved by her family, so all around I think it works.

After I came back from South Korea, I worked for the elections office again. As in previous years, I worked for the county next door to the one in which I reside. As usual, I loved working on elections: although what I did this year was a great deal more boring than previous stints, I feel a glow of pride at helping grease the wheels of representative democracy in this country. I have a post I have been mulling over but have not yet written.

The Red-Headed Menace and their partner came to town for the holidays. All three of my kids were here for Christmas, and I was determined to enjoy it. Time flies and children grow up and leave… Especially since RHM’s partner (The Very Smart Partner) proposed to them on New Year’s Eve. So at some point in the future I will have another member of the family. It’s so nice when your kids end up with great people; sort of a endorsement of your parenting skills. I genuinely like both the VLW and the VSP.

The kids are okay: Railfan passed the CBEST, the California teacher’s basic skills test, and is looking for work as a substitute teacher. RHM is still in graduate school in the middle of the country, in a college town in literally the middle of nowhere. I think they will probably move back to the coast when they are done. NSLDB is working for a tech company, and seems to be weathering the tech crash okay, except for the effect on his unvested stock options.

I may have a new gig. I am going to work for a trivia company (as opposed to a trivial company) writing questions. How long I do this will be dependent upon how much work they throw my way. I’m excited… There are a lot of trivia companies out there. My contract with the company I signed on with simply states that I can’t sell any questions I give them to any other clients, not that I can’t have any other clients. I really liked the guy who interviewed me: he had obviously watched my Jeopardy! appearance before we talked. (After I said something about losing to Ken Jennings, he said “Well, I wouldn’t have gotten the astroturf question” — referring to Final Jeopardy!) If I can get a modicum of work (say a few hundred dollars a month) I think I will enjoy writing for them very much.

I have been following the developments in the House of Representatives with a combination of schadenfreude and dismay. As amusing as it was, I think we are so screwed.

So, that’s what’s up with me. I hope everything is going well for you.

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