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Gallimaufry….   isn’t that the BEST word? That’s because I have the BEST words. I sometimes even use them. (I bet Donald Trump doesn’t know this word. Hell, I had to Google it.) ******** It’s finally happened — I’ve been … Continue reading

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The Martian: a review.

 “The story is such a ripping good ride and so gorgeous to watch that you don’t merely want to suspend your disbelief, you want to tie it to a parking meter outside the theater and order it not to disturb … Continue reading

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When heroes fall.

I call it the Frank Lloyd Wright axiom: sometimes geniuses are horrible human beings. Most of the time, I can separate the person from their creation: I can look at the Robie House and admire its beauty.  The fact that … Continue reading

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Embracing the power of “and”

MIT releases its admission decisions on March 14, at 1:59 am.  (Just to state the obvious, that would be at 3.14, 1:59.) I can’t decide whether this is endearing or annoyingly smug.

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Theme song for geeks

Raise your glass If you are wrong in all the right ways “Raise Your Glass,” Pink “Do It Anyway” is one of two songs I have been playing in heavy rotation to motivate me.  The other is “Raise Your Glass.”  … Continue reading

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In defense of "adorkability."

In its list of word we will be glad to never see again, the Today Show included “adorkable.”  They’re dead wrong about this.  “Adorkable” is a great word: it neatly encapsulates a concept I have been trying to describe for … Continue reading

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Just one more…

Okay, so by this time you are perfectly fed up with me posting.  (Seven posts in one day? Geez, girl, get a life!)  And you’re probably fed up with xkcd as well — although that would be a shame because … Continue reading

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Healthy Anarchy.

I went to a college which had an exchange program with MIT. There was this one MIT student who used to hang around my dorm sometimes — he dated two different women on the same floor (generally considered tacky, but … Continue reading

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