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Miscellaneous musings, Olympic edition.

I had thought of writing a post condemning Mike Pence’s appallingly boorish behavior at the opening ceremonies but decided I didn’t want to waste that many words on him. Suffice it to say that he insulted our allies, embarrassed our … Continue reading

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I have not been a fan of Colin Kaepernick. It’s not really anything to do with him; I’m not a 49er fan generally. (No, I’m not a Raider fan, either.) I would probably be happier if I followed the Niners rather … Continue reading

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My dear RBG, I love you. You know that. You have been a beacon of hope for so many of us, a gifted champion for the downtrodden. I hope you live forever. But Donald Trump is right. You acted completely … Continue reading

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Dear owners of American Pharoah, I am so happy for you.  Delighted. Amazed. And you are right, the sport needs heroes, and your horse has claimed a title that seemed like it would be forevermore out of reach.  Fantastic.  However… … Continue reading

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I am sitting in a sports bar waiting for the Niners-Seahawks game. The AFC championship game came to as satisfactory conclusion as possible given that it was between two teams I don’t like. I ended up rooting for Peyton. As … Continue reading

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I do so love “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”

“Once the Red Sox were perennial losers with pretentious fans who would invoke them as a metaphor for the futility of all human endeavors.  Now they’re the Yankees with beards.” Peter Segal, from the November 2 show.

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Dear members of the Boston Red Sox (as well as other major leaguers — you know who you are): You are not Mennonite farmers from 1872.  Shave, already.  Or at least trim the beard, ‘kay? Sincerely, A fan with sensibilities.

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