I am sitting in a sports bar waiting for the Niners-Seahawks game. The AFC championship game came to as satisfactory conclusion as possible given that it was between two teams I don’t like. I ended up rooting for Peyton. As annoying as the Broncos are, the Patriots are the Yankees of the NFL.

I am not a big Niners fan, but I am a huge Colin Kaepernick admirer.

I just had my first – and last – deep fried Twinkie. It’s deep fried, I’m a Southerner, so that’s to the good, but at the end of the day…. It’s still a Twinkie. Frying it makes it better, but not by much.

Do NOT “sweetheart” me, sir, especially when you are dead freaking wrong about whether a penalty should have been called on that hit. (Here’s a hint: you are allowed to go after the ball, or the receiver who has the ball, but not the receiver when the ball has sailed three feet beyond him. The refs blew it.). I may be a woman, but I do
know a little about the game.

It is really annoying to watch football with people so invested in their team that they can’t admire smart play by the other side or admit that some of their team’s penalties were deserved.

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