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Because we’re us

My younger two sons are having what can only be described as moderately heated discussion about the historical timing of the rise of secularism in Renaissance and Baroque art. They are both right about some things but I refuse to … Continue reading

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Embracing the power of “and”

MIT releases its admission decisions on March 14, at 1:59 am.  (Just to state the obvious, that would be at 3.14, 1:59.) I can’t decide whether this is endearing or annoyingly smug.

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Thoughts about that last post.

1.  The title was obnoxious and condescending.  Sorry, I was cranky. 2.  I was wrong about the financial issues surrounding GMOs:  as Sarah Huffman points out, Trader Joe’s does not carry GMO products and they have been in my experience … Continue reading

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Logic and nuance are good things.

About the GMO/labeling debates: 1.  Organisms that are genetically modified are not all genetically modified the same way.  Soybeans genetically modified to be Roundup-resistant are not the same thing at all as golden rice that has been genetically modified to … Continue reading

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I am not adventurous. But tonight I am in the audience for an NPR show I have never heard of, Ask Me Another. It sounds like fun, but what sold me? Jonathon Coulton heads the house band, and Adam Savage … Continue reading

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Well, that was… educational.

My latest adventure in temporary political outreach has ended. I am no longer employed as a Certified Educator for Covered California. The operative word is “employed.” Once an educator, always an educator: within the past 48 hours I have had … Continue reading

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