Logic and nuance are good things.

About the GMO/labeling debates:

1.  Organisms that are genetically modified are not all genetically modified the same way.  Soybeans genetically modified to be Roundup-resistant are not the same thing at all as golden rice that has been genetically modified to have higher levels of beta-carotene in the grain.  Saying that GMO is evil simply by virtue of genetic modification, regardless of the nature of that modification, is superstition, pure and simple.

2. David Suzuki says GMOs are all horrible.  The AMA, WHO, American Association for the Advancement of Science and a score of other organizations beg to differ with him.  I think I will go with the people who aren’t publicity-seeking.

3. People who want to avoid GMOs already can — by buying organic.  Labeling of GMOs may not be required, but there is what appears to be a successful voluntary effort to label foods that are GMO-free.  Ah, but what about people who cannot afford to buy organic? They would not be able to buy non-GMO foods in any case.  The only way that a labeling campaign makes any sense is as a stepping stone to either an outright regulatory ban or to put pressure on manufacturers to drop GMOs.

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2 Responses to Logic and nuance are good things.

  1. Sarah Huffman says:

    Trader Joe’s also agreed to be GMO free years ago, for those looking to avoid them.

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