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I am spitballing here (to use a very annoying neologism).  It’s one of the ways I cope with the incomprehensible. Given that Roe v.Wade is under attack, we need to figure out what we will do for the women affected. … Continue reading

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After my last post, and after some online discussion, it became crystal clear to me: I hate Bernie Sanders. I try not to hate political figures: it tends to be counterproductive. (Viewing them with disdain and disgust, however, is a … Continue reading

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We’ve been Berned before.

So Sanders is running again. How… special. Look, I don’t care if he runs. I don’t particularly even care if he decides to call himself a Democrat. What I do care about is that unless the Democratic National Committee shows … Continue reading

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For the trolls…

Y’all are going to have to carry the banner on this because I am going off the Internet for a while. A few points to toss at the trolls… Dr. Ford has passed a polygraph test. She has asked for … Continue reading

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I believe Christine Ford. I understand completely why she would have waited so long to come forward. I was eighteen when I was sexually assaulted. [Warning: rape/suicide triggers.] Although I told a few others, I did not tell anyone in my … Continue reading

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Sometimes the dog whistles are so clear, even I hear them.

This controversy has been brewing over the past few days; I am rather late to the party. I would be very surprised if someone has not written something like the post below, only better. Recently, Eric Trump referred to Bob … Continue reading

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God help us. Especially people like me.

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, Donald Trump has suggested bringing back mental institutions. Dear God. Mental institutions were, in some cases, horrible places. And if Trump had his way, you could “nab people like [the shooter] because… they … Continue reading

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