For the trolls…

Y’all are going to have to carry the banner on this because I am going off the Internet for a while.

A few points to toss at the trolls…

Dr. Ford has passed a polygraph test. She has asked for an FBI investigation. Neither of those can be said of either the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee or Brett Kavanaugh.

You want proof? Would you ask a man to provide proof of a mugging that took place years ago or would you believe him?

If you think she can’t be telling the truth because she didn’t report it, check out #WhyIDidn’tReport, although on second thought don’t mention the hashtag, because the sort of guys who believe this are the sort to troll the men and women posting there. Fuckers. Just tell them to check out my post.

Finally, and MOST importantly…

This is not a criminal proceeding, it is a job interview. People have been refused jobs for far, far less. If Kavanaugh doesn’t get confirmed, he still has his comfortable life as a federal judge.

See you guys down the road. Maybe once the PTSD has settled down.

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