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No, you’re not a martyr to your faith.

People scream about the First Amendment a lot. Usually they claim that their right to free speech is being violated, just because they are boycotted or face demands that they be fired or criticized for making offensive statements on the … Continue reading

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Bowers v. Hardwick, upholding the right of states to enact and enforce sodomy laws, 1986. Romer v. Evans, striking down Colorado’s anti-gay constitutional amendment, 1996. Lawrence v. Texas, striking down sodomy laws, 2007. United States v. Windsor, striking down part … Continue reading

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It was a wonderful day.

When I graduated from Wellesley, if you had asked me, I would have said that, following Roe v. Wade, that reproductive rights were safe.  I would also have said that I would not see same-sex marriage legalized in my lifetime. … Continue reading

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It gets really old: Vincent the black Mustang was vandalized again. Vincent has had its tires slashed twice, had acid dripped on it twice, been keyed twice, had a beer bottle thrown at it and spit at while the Rocket … Continue reading

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I’m in love.

I love football.  I don’t love the Vikings, but I’m deeply enamored of their punter Chris Kluwe and his blog, Out of Bounds.  He has been outspoken in defense of same-sex marriage, and his latest post, “Dear Mr. Balling”, is … Continue reading

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Silence = Death.

I should have published this on Tuesday.*  My nickname is gender-neutral.  The name that the Rocket Scientist goes by with his friends is gender-neutral.  The license plate on Vincent, the black Mustang, has both those names joined by “N”. It … Continue reading

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To  my LGTB friends —  may you have the chance to marry  before the opponents of same-sex marriage can get a higher court to agree with them.  I have yet to read the District Court’s opinion, so I can’t talk … Continue reading

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Looking at the Mountain

Early fall, I had been looking forward to Brokeback Mountain coming out. Not as much as some other releases — Capote, Good Night and Good Luck, and Rent— but I thought it looked quite promising. Ang Lee is a good … Continue reading

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Just travelin’ thru….

I am not all that tuned in to what right wing fundamentalist Christian circles are fulminating about, beyond what I see in the media and in a few blogs. There’s a reason for this: there is enough that provokes anger … Continue reading

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