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The problems with agriculture.

I have written about my lack of respect for the anti-GMO position as being nonscientific, agreeing with those who characterized this issue as being “the climate-change of the left.” (I am not alone on this: Neil DeGrasse Tyson feels this way, … Continue reading

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Thoughts about that last post.

1.  The title was obnoxious and condescending.  Sorry, I was cranky. 2.  I was wrong about the financial issues surrounding GMOs:  as Sarah Huffman points out, Trader Joe’s does not carry GMO products and they have been in my experience … Continue reading

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Logic and nuance are good things.

About the GMO/labeling debates: 1.  Organisms that are genetically modified are not all genetically modified the same way.  Soybeans genetically modified to be Roundup-resistant are not the same thing at all as golden rice that has been genetically modified to … Continue reading

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Sentiment against GMOs has been described by scientists as the equivalent of climate-change denialism on the left. (Anti-vaxxers cross political spectra.)  Whether or not you agree with that, this NYT piece about one Hawaiian councilman’s attempt to get the facts … Continue reading

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