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Almost but not really fruitcake.

I don’t like fruitcake, at least not most traditional fruitcake. I was tinkering around with my pumpkin-date bread, and wondering if I could make something that resembles fruitcake. Well, it has fruit in it, but it’s not fruitcake. It is, … Continue reading

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It’s that time again!

Ah, Thanksgiving.  That means… cooking. A lot of cooking.  I rather enjoy it, provided I am organized (ha!) and spread the work over several days. I’m putting this here because it is easy for me to access regardless whichever computer … Continue reading

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Chocolate pudding, yum.

I often have a craving for chocolate pudding.  I don’t keep boxes of mix on hand, so I make my own.  It’s easy: mix cornstarch and cold milk, heat in microwave, stirring every thirty seconds or so, until the mixture … Continue reading

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I really need to pay attention to things when I make stuff up when cooking:  the totally kick-ass cranberry sauce I made with star anise, crystallized ginger, and chipotle powder has just been pronounced by the Resident Shrink to be … Continue reading

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Pumpkin-Date Bread

Because I think it will be easier to find here than in my LJ, the best pumpkin bread recipe I have ever had*: 3 1/3 c.flour2 t. baking soda1/2 t. baking powder1 1/2 t.salt1 t. cinnamon1/2 t. nutmeg1/2 t. ground … Continue reading

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