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This Labor Day…

If you have paid sick or vacation leave, thank unions. If you get overtime at your job if you work more than forty hours a week, thank unions. If your kid isn’t working in a sweatshop, thank unions. If you … Continue reading

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I am not going to do an analysis of the California ballot, another than to make an observation: Unions and trial attorneys make easy villains.  But what are unions but collections of workers? Being in favor of taking care of … Continue reading

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I think the vehemence of the prior post was caused by several arguments I have had today with people who insist labor unions are the worst thing that ever happened to this country, that cops are overpaid, and that public … Continue reading

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A manifesto, of sorts.

I will not use any service that purports to replace a regulated service in any city where said service refuses to abide by existing regulations. No Uber or Lyft in cities where they do not follow the same regs as … Continue reading

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