A manifesto, of sorts.

I will not use any service that purports to replace a regulated service in any city where said service refuses to abide by existing regulations.

No Uber or Lyft in cities where they do not follow the same regs as taxis.

No AirBnB anywhere where they refuse to collect and remit hotel taxes. (I have to admit, I have made an exception here when there were simply no hotel rooms whatsoever available within a reasonable distance to the city I need to be at. I’ve also occasionally broken my pretty much hard and fast rule not to shop at WalMart when it was late evening in rural Alabama and I needed decongestants.)

I can’t speak about taxi drivers, but hotel employees are often unionized, and it behooves me to support my fellow workers. Laws, be they taxi regs or other health and safety statutes, exist to protect the public and workers from leeches who would pull as much money out of society while putting the least amount of effort and money back in. Hotel taxes, for example, help pay so that there will be a city worth visiting. (Note: I am not accusing drivers or homeowners of being leeches.  I am accusing the heads of Uber, et al. of being leeches.)

The free market is a myth.  People who champion it as a way to suck up profits while avoiding civic responsibility (or worse, cynically claim that the free market will take care of everyone) are, at best, charlatans.

Ayn Rand was wrong, and worse, dangerous. And to the extent that there are people out there who fail to understand history enough to see that, or who are willfully blind to that, are likewise wrong and dangerous.

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