I think the vehemence of the prior post was caused by several arguments I have had today with people who insist labor unions are the worst thing that ever happened to this country, that cops are overpaid, and that public employee pensions are simply another line item in a city budget, to be decimated when convenient, rather than a promise to people who often do dangerous or unpleasant jobs that they will get taken care of when they get older. (As a friend of mine once observed, a pension is deferred compensation.  It is like you hired someone to do work, then after the fact cut the amount they would be paid for it.)

I’ve said it before:

If your job involves the possibility of dying when you go to work, if you have to talk down mental patients off of ledges, if you have to make a snap judgment about whether that nine-year-old is holding a toy or a real gun, if you have to pull fully grown men out of buildings collapsing around you, if you have to pick up the pieces (literally) from where a teenager decided to text his girlfriend and things went horribly, horribly, wrong, or any of the thousands of other ways in which the lives of firefighters and cops can suck, then you get to whine about pensions or how much cops and firefighters get paid.

If not, STFU.

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