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Comparative Pharmacology.

Tinto de Verano:  not quite as effective as prescription muscle relaxants for dealing with massive back spasms*, but a great deal tastier.  The side effect profile is different, however, and the side effects may last after the efficacy has diminished. … Continue reading

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Truth in Advertising.

(Note: We didn’t either, but I did get a laugh at the sign.)

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I have to be grateful for. It is the turning of the seasons. I will be going to Spain in a week. It is my favorite silly holiday of the year — International Talk Like a Pirate Day.* It is … Continue reading

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España, aquí vengo.

Barring disaster (which this year is not a given), I am going back to Spain at the end of the month.  Sadly, it will only be for a little over a week. Spain is my favorite European country — scratch … Continue reading

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I may have been hacked.  If you receive a IM from me, it’s not real.  I am using this blog to notify people since it cross-posts to both Twitter and Facebook, so I should get everybody, and this is the … Continue reading

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In a post following the protests in Ferguson, I talked about my friend’s rules for shopping as an African-American male.  I finally began to emotionally (rather than intellectually) relate to his experience when I began mapping them onto the “rules” … Continue reading

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Interview fail.

Dear Ms. Recruiter: I am very sorry that the connection was so bad yesterday when we talked.  Otherwise, it would not have taken until I saw your email at 10:00 pm Pacific last night for me to see that the … Continue reading

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It’s been a day.

Not a very productive one, I’m afraid. Still… I have my resume out there, and am getting nibbles.  So far, they have all been with insurance companies looking for salespeople.  It makes me hopeful, though. Starbucks has brought Salted Carmel … Continue reading

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